DIY Stationary Gift Basket

Hello! Hope you enjoyed your holiday! I wanted to share my gift “baskets” I made for our family Christmas party. We always do the White Elephant gift exchange each year for the adults so I thought I’d share these fun gift ideas. Not only are they fun for the gift exchange, but these gifts can be made and used for any occasion; Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthdays, etc.

I went to Marshalls with a plan to find gourmet nuts and such to put in the beer crate I was putting together. I went down the other aisles 1st to get an idea for a ladies gift and came across this gorgeous white leather planner and it was only $4.99! I dropped it in the basket because it was definitely going home with me.



As I moved further down the aisle, I spotted the cute wooden mail sorter at $9.99 and the gold polka dot clipboard with notepad at $3.99. This gave me the idea for the stationary gift basket.

20161223_133755 (2).jpg


I ended up stopping at Michael’s and Dollar Tree and was able to find a sassy 2 pack of blank cards, a pocket notebook, a cut writing pen, some paper fill, and a shrink-wrap bag with a bow.

Went I got home I checked my stash and found some glass magnets I had made for a craft fair a while back. I had a few clear and gold glass buttons in my sewing supplies so I used those to make a few fancy paper clips. I bagged these up nicely with some pink cardstock from my scrapbook paper supply.

*(The paper clips, glass pebbles, and magnets can be found at Dollar Tree. For the magnets, just find some small cute images from a magazine, cut them out, and adhere them with some Modge Podge to the pebble. Glue your magnets with some E6000 the back and voila!)


I arranged all the items together in the mail sorter and put a little paper fill in each slot. I bagged it up with the shrink-wrap and added the bow and a fun little Christmas tag.

My sis n law ended up stealing the gift and is super excited to use it on her desk at work!

I hope this gives you an idea on how you can make your own fabulous gift basket that won’t break the bank.  Check back soon for my DIY Beer Crate!

Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays,

~The Dimestore Gypsy







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