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Winter ONEderland Birthday Party

First post of the New Year! I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays. We recently celebrated my daughter’s 1st birthday and I’m so excited to share all the details and decor. I love planning and hosting so naturally I had to go all out!

For invitations we used They have a great selection of invitations that can be printed from your home or printed and mailed to you. I chose to have them printed and mailed and they did a really great job! Everyone loved them. I’ve linked them below.







Here’s the style I used. There are 3 different color options and I chose the pink. You are able to edit the wording, pictures, etc. however you like. I took the photo insert off so I could have one large snowflake and we edited the wording under Winter Wonderland to say: Oh what fun! Our little snowflake is turning One! They came with white envelopes for free or the option of matching envelopes for an additional cost. I found a coupon code online and ended up paying around $.60 cents per invite with free shipping.


I created all the decorations  using the Recollections Strawberry Cream cardstock value pack from Michaels craft store. It has 5 different shades, comes with 50 sheets total, and It’s priced at an everyday value at $2.00!  I’ve linked it here for you.


Recollections Strawberry Crè



*I found a 25 pack of snowflake cutouts also from Michaels but these were seasonal and are no longer available.










Check back a few posts to see how you can make these magical snow globes I used in my table centerpiece!





I always decorate my kitchen with gingerbread during Christmas and this was just so cute with all the other decorations.




For this backdrop I used the cardstock to create some paper fans and glued them to a white back drop from Dollar Tree.



In keeping with the theme I chose a white cake with white butter cream icing and some edible snowflake accents. I ordered from our Wal-Mart bakery and it was so moist! The cake topper was a clear ornament filled with faux snow and a dye cut snowflake from some of the leftovers I had. You can wipe the bottom off and it becomes a keepsake ornament. Just add the birth details with a sharpie and hang it on your tree with some pretty ribbon!



I saved the tutu from our cake smash photo session and used it as the high chair skirt.


I put together these dainty little sitting table centerpieces  with  the Recollections silver glittered die cut snowflakes and clear rhinestones I found at Michaels. They were 12 in a pack, with a mix of large and small. I’ve linked the exact ones below.






I wanted a deli style lunch so we had a mixture of catered and homemade goodies. From the Kroger deli I ordered mini chicken salad croissants, assorted ham and turkey tea sandwiches, a fruit tray, a veggie tray, and a spinach and artichoke dip bread bowl.

I ordered a couple of gallons of the Zuppa Tuscono soup from Olive Garden for something warm and I have to give many thanks to my stepmother for bringing one of her friends awesome cheese balls (this is so good everyone is literally asking for it  at every party I’ve had), cranberry chili meatballs, and these delicious salads!

We had cake for dessert along with strawberry wafer cookies and donut holes.

For the drink station I used my cute little mason jar drink dispensers that I found this summer at a discount shop. They really came in handy for the sweet tea and cucumber lemon water I served.

I used an old chippy tray to hold all the napkins and serving ware right next to the food.





For our party guests I put together these goodie bags with Grab n Go Play Packs, a few pieces of chocolate candy, and a snowflake bubble wand. The play packs are really handy and they come with an activity book, a sticker sheet, and a small set of crayons. You can find these at Wal-Mart, Target, etc. in a variety of characters. They’re relatively inexpensive at $1.00 each. I just lined a basket with some tissue and arranged the goody bags here for the kids to grab.



Iced gingerbread men all wrapped up as a party favor for everyone!

I used the Little Debbie gingerbread snacks as party favors. All you need is some loot bags and decorative ribbon and you have a cute, in-expensive favor. Arrange them in a basket and put them near the door so when your guest leave they can take one with them.



Christmas tree with birthday gifts by the fireplace.



For the fireplace I used the Wal-Mart Creative Cuts 2 yd. piece of burlap as an overlay. I then added baby photos, pinecones, DIY poster board tree cones, and a name banner pinned with flower ribbon brooches.


A few fun game ideas we used that you can play too!


Pin the nose on the



Draw a snowman on your head from



We are so thankful for this little blessing and couldn’t be happier! Thanks for reading along and I hope this gives you some inspiration for your next party.

~The Dimestore Gypsy




DIY · Holidays

Whimsical Mason Jar Snow Globe DIY

Happy Holidays! I’m sharing this whimsical mason jar snow globe DIY. They are so beautiful in the light! I made quit a few and grouped them together around my home. Read on for details on how to make your own.



If you don’t happen to have any jars saved, you can find them at Michael’s craft store. The smaller ones are everyday value at $1.00 and the larger are $2.99 regular price. I found my smaller ones at Dollar Tree and I saved a few Atlas pasta sauce jars for the larger size.



Next you’ll need the mini trees. You can find a variety of these at the craft store in all kinds of colors and sizes. I picked a few shades of green for myself. Here are a few options from Michael’s. (mini 6 pack on the left/$2.99 and medium 3 pack on the right/$3.19)



Here are a few different options for the base. I always grab these when I find them on sale because I know I’ll be using them for different projects. (I don’t pay over a dollar or two for each.) I was lucky to find a few of the middle ones at Dollar Tree. I like to group the finished jars together so it looks great when you have different sizes and shapes. You can find these at most craft/home stores.



And of course, you’ll need snow and craft glue. All of these products can be found at your local craft store. I found my snow spray and filler at Dollar Tree and the craft glue at Michael’s. Be sure to grab the clear craft glue. I have seen it come in white and black. (Make sure to use industrial strength adhesive for your base, you don’t want your jar coming off the base.)



Hold your mason jar in one hand and with the other take your snow can and hold it about 4 to 5 inches above the opening. Spray a small short burst into the bottom of the jar to add some snow and texture to your jars. (This is a little messy and may get on your hand. Use gloves and wash if you get any on your skin.) Let sit for about and hour to dry.


Once dry, add about 1/4 jar of snow fill.



Next, glue your tree down to the inside piece of the lid. (I used hot glue here to speed up the process.) Once it’s dry, place it in the jar and screw the lid on.




All you have to do now is put a little bit of craft glue around the rim of your base, center it on the lid, and let dry. Once it’s dry you can flip it right side up and start decorating!



These are on my kitchen hutch with my gingerbread tree. Don’t they look great!



Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy this project!

~The Dimestore Gypsy