Life Happens

Just wanted to write a little update for you guys and let you know why I haven’t done much posting.

I lost my Grandmother the end of January. She was 94 years old, had 11 children, 25+ grandchildren, and 60+ great-grandchildren! She was loved by so many and the head of our family. We were close and it didn’t really sink in until a few days after her funeral. She has lived a long, full life and I can only hope for the same.

I was prepared given that she was already in her 90’s but you just never want to hear those words. I really didn’t have any motivation to do any crafting or blogging so I just put it all aside. A few nights ago I got the urge to paint so I did. It’s always been something I love to do and I can just get lost painting for hours. I am starting to feel like myself again and I’m looking forward to blogging again.

I will always cherish the time I had with her and I will celebrate her life.

Thanks for hanging around and sharing my journey,

~The Dimestore Gypsy


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