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Thrift Store Haul

Hello friends, and welcome back!

I scored lots of goodies on my latest thrifting adventure, so I thought I’d share them here with you all!

I have a bunch of stickers for scrapbooking/card making and the black card catalog is perfect storage for them. I love decorating with pumpkins in the Fall and was happy to find this cute set to add to my collection. Can we talk about this brown suede fringed bag? So cute! It was in mint condition so I had to have it! I picked up a few old linens to use for table runners/covers. They are worn in and so soft. I have a thing for baskets/trays and wood pieces!! I can’t help it, they bring so much texture & warmth into your decor. It’s currently being used as a bed tray now. I loved the look & texture of the last piece, so I think I may hang it in my bedroom gallery wall or our travel trailer. I haven’t decided yet!

I found this awesome throw for our travel trailer for $3. I’m decorating in a Southwest/Boho theme and thought this was perfect!

I picked this up because it reminded me of those antique sugar molds. It was only .99 cents and I was able to keep the plant for something else!
I got it all cleaned up and washed! Now it’s ready to be styled!!

I hope you enjoyed this little haul. I love thrifting and finding things I can re-purpose or re-style! Don’t be afraid to get out and shop your thrift shops. You can find some really fun & unique pieces for next to nothing. Follow me on Instagram to get more home decor ideas or to see how I use my thrift store finds in my decor!

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